read ART and SURVIVAL: Patricia Johanson's Environmental Projects

"This is an invaluable book. Art and Survival details the evolution of Patricia Johanson’s work from her minimalist paintings through her innovative, bio-intensive structures of the last two decades. Kelley’s clear, compelling text covers practical concerns and aesthetic considerations, while demonstrating that Johanson never stops challenging art’s nature, capacity, audience and role."        Sue Spaid, author of Ecovention: Current Art to Transform Ecologies

For over forty years, Patricia Johanson has patiently insisted that art can help to heal the earth. For more than twenty years she has traveled around the world creating large-scale public projects that posit her radical yet utterly practical vision. Johanson works with engineers, city planners, scientists and citizens’ groups to create her art as functioning infrastructure for modern cities. Johanson’s graceful designs for sewers, highways, parks and other functional projects link fragmented ecosystems and create conditions that allow endangered species to thrive. 

This small-format, affordable book of 180 pages with 160 illustrations (110 in color) covers all of Johanson’s major public projects and looks at some of their implications for art, architecture, landscape design and urban planning. In addition, it features Johanson’s early, prophetic designs and large-scale Minimalist paintings and sculptures from the 1960s. Stories of Johanson’s personal history and her creative development, together with drawings, reflections and ideas to inspire younger artists, make this book a lively and informative creative resource. 

Art and Survival includes an introduction from Lucy R. Lippard, who writes, “Looking and reading through this long-awaited book, I’m astounded all over again, as I have been over the years when called upon to focus on Patricia Johanson’s art and ideas. Her achievements on the ground and in the imagination are breathtaking…. As Caffyn Kelley writes in the course of this excellent narrative, she ‘reconciles delicacy with strength, generosity with power, and creativity with consequence.’  There is no better and more crucially needed model for the future of our gardens, parks, and planet than Patricia Johanson’s art.”

 8 ¾” x 8”, 180 pages ISBN 0-9738332-0-3

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Endangered Garden, San Francisco sewer project


Garden Cities: Turtle Mound, 1969 drawing envisioning landfill as ecological site


Park for the Amazon Rainforest, model of canopy walkway