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eARTh: An Exhibition of Environmental Art


eARTh: An Exhibition of Environmental Art showcases five artists’ responses to the beauty of our natural world, to the complexities of the human-nature relationship, and to the environmental problems we currently face. Featuring works by internationally renowned environmental artists Agnes Denes and Patricia Johanson with emerging artists Brian Collier, Diana Lynn Thompson and Deborah Yaffe, the exhibit challenges viewers to reflect upon their relationship with the natural world.

As a group, the artists in this exhibition represent a significantly diverse body of approaches to environmental art. Reflecting variously on the human–nature relationship, on the vast amount of information we miss in our fast-paced world, on the beauty in things discarded, on the potential linkages between environmental science and art, and on the connections between social relationships and environmental stewardship, these artists challenge us to see our world—and our relationship to that world—in a wholly unique way.

– Dr. Colette Palamar, 2007


eARTh was curated by Dr. Colette Palamar for the Antioch College Herndon Gallery where it was shown from February 10 through March 31, 2006. This special online exhibition of eARTh was created for the Islands Institute gallery by student intern Shea Witzberger with support from Colette Palamar and Caffyn Kelley.



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