Patricia Johanson, Turtle Mound, (landfill), 1969

Paula Jardine, Night for All Souls (shrine) 2006

Caffyn Kelley, Water Dream/ Water Memory

Malcolm Wells, Rethinking the Ferry Terminal

“Artists can affect planetary survival.”

– Patricia Johanson




The Islands Institute Gallery showcases work that offers transforming approaches to nature, culture, and community.


Public Dreamer: Paula Jardine






photo of Paula Jardine by Deddeda Stemler

This retrospective show describes the work of one of Canada's foremost community artists. Jardine creates images and events that integrate artists, performers and the public with ritual, celebration and activism.

This exhibit expresses the ideas and processes in the work of five Vancouver Island artists: Jan Johnson, Dale Roberts, Alicia LaRue, Claudia Lorenz and curator Arlene Nesbitt. Their sculptures and visual arts are created from found material, detritus and garbage.


Donald Lawrence: Fiddle Reef Remembered: Fiddle Reef lighthouse existed for eighty years, from 1898 to 1978, on a small islet roughly in the middle of Victoria’s Oak Bay. Donald Lawrence's reconstruction of the Fiddle Reef lighthouse is a project that took on a life of its own.

Passage: This short film by Renée Poisson documents an installation constructed and photographed by Dorothy Field, whose freestanding outdoor paper sculptures address issues of home and homelessness, the position of women and children, and our connections to the earth. 

Judith Williams transforms the destruction of a book into a metaphor for the destruction of the salmon stocks of coastal British Columbia. Texts and photographs from Williams as artist and Williams as environmentalist expand the juxtaposition of art and action, and this artist‘s deep engagement with both.

Pam Hall is an interdisciplinary artist based in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. She works across, and sometimes in between, the boundaries of medium and discipline, pioneering engaged art practices in diverse arenas.

eARTh: Five artists respond to the beauty of the natural world, the complexities of the human-nature relationship, and the environmental problems we currently face.






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